I don’t have a title for this, but I had a bunch of requests for Castiel in Roman costume, so I played around. Idk I might do more. The costume is ref from Spartacus, and I gave him an owl and stuck him in some hellish, deserty place.

Hawaii Five 0 Season 5 premier 


Oh I LOVE this episode! if you haven’t seem it yet, do it quickly!

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r e l o a d 

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there is one thing I don’t understand. isn’t bear belong to Mr. Reese?

Waite a minute! on second thought, I think i got it. ;)

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brilliant! awesome fanart work! 


Whoops I forgot to share my first ever Shaw video here with my tumblr friends.  Song is perfect for her!

I actually have an idea shocking isn’t it I’m going to make a video dedicated to every team member! I already got a few like Shaw’s, and Reese’s. But I still need good songs for Carter, Fusco, and Root.  I might have a possible one for Carter but I got to relisten to it to make sure.

this is so cool! love it! lyrics is just fit Shaw perfectly. 

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Gifset to the audiofic

AU in which the bomb exploded. And Finch knew that he can’t defuse it when against all John’s orders he went to the rooftop. If Harold and John have to die, the do it together. Please.

Love this style.