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I want you to know I… I feel the same way. 

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The City: POI x Elementary - NYC Character Lineup

a crossover trailer of Team New York for fun

this if FXXking beautiful!!!! Love it!

nh… Reese as Captain America.

it’s probably been done many times already, but i just can’t help it. so… 

My very firs fanvid, hope you like it.

reflection: I really should write down the story line first.

advise/suggestion/comment are always welcomed.


Videos came from season 1 or 2 mostly. Music is “undisclosed desires” by Muse. the whole song is lovely and too long for an amateur like myself. So don’t be surprised when you find this is actually a MUCH shorter version than you usually have.

The Man In A Suit

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"Cold-blooded fake."

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